Two Moons of Sera, Publishing Mistakes and New Approaches


2MOS will now be available on Amazon Only

Thanks to the incredible technological difficulty many of you have had with the serialised format of this novel I have divided to make some drastic changes to how it’s being released.  From now on instead of releasing sections of appx 15-20k words I will be releasing sections of 30-40k words.  This means that each section will be released as it’s own book.

Each section will be available on for purchase at $0.99 or for free through the KDP Select Prime Library Program.

Parts 1 & 2 will remain available as the original file.
Parts 3 & 4 will be released together, hopefully in March.

I apologise for the inconvenience and frustration.  You never know how things will work out when you are trying something new.  Please know that I appreciate your support and will do everything I can to solve these issues.  If you have any difficulty or questions or if you have previously purchased the book and just want me to email you a copy feel free to email me.

If you are not in the Prime Program or purchased Two Moons of Sera on B&N or Smashwords before Feb 1, 2012 I will provide copies of the rest of the series to you free of charge.



  1. Pssst. . .check first paragraph divided instead of devided.
    I wish you success in this change and will be watching how it progresses. This is too good a story to not be successful!

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