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Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.


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Anthology Opportunity for Authors – UnCommon Bodies – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 9/15!

I’m excited to announce a new New Anthology I’m coordinating! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 9/15! **UnCommon Bodies** To sum up: I am seeking stories and art about people with UnCommon Bodies.  Sideshow freaks, mutant growths, amputations, genetic engineering, futanari, anything you can think of.  Stories need not be based in reality, fantasy and magical realism elements are welcome. The collection will be rated 18+ although your story does not need to be.   Just know it may be included next to something that is. Stories displaying haterd toward those with UnCommon Bodies will not be accepted. Submission Details: Submissions must be in English and be written to the highest quality you are capable.  Passive voice is discouraged. Maximum Word Count is 10,000 however I’m not going to turn away something awesome that’s a little over. This is an unpaid anthology. Proceeds will be funneled into an aggressive marketing campaign to maximize the benefit for all involved. The author retains all rights to their story. All submissions will be edited and sent to the author for final approval before publication. Submission period runs from May 1st until August 15th. Open internationally, but submission must be in American English. There is no fee to submit. Please, no reprints or simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions accepted. Limit of two submissions per person. Any genre is fine, however we are not looking for nonfiction at this time. Adult language and sexual situations are acceptable, this collection will be rated 18+. Submissions must be sent in WORD doc or docx, 12pt Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing, full justified with 0.3″ indents on the first line of each new paragraph (Do NOT use... read more

Tiny Living – Pav Style #TinyHouse #CityLiving

Two years ago, my family of four moved from a 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, cape cod house with a finished basement and a 1/3 of an acre yard next to a nature preserve to an apartment.  There were a lot of reasons we did this.  Money was definitely one, but mostly it was quality of life. What?  Isn’t all that house better than an apartment? Nope, not for us.  Living in that house meant private school for 2 kids and a husband who commuted 2-3 hours a day.  Oh and a mortgage we couldn’t really afford. Plus, I’m not exactly housewife material and keeping up with so much house was really stressful for me. So we moved to an apartment which had 3 bedrooms and a den, 3 baths and a crazy amount of space.  It was less money but not by a huge amount.  The lifestyle payoff was huge though. The kids went to public school and could ride the bus and my husband was home earlier and much much less of an ass (sorry love, but you were an ass!). Now just two years later, we’re doing it again, but this time the change is more radical.  We’re not just moving house, we’re making a major lifestyle change and trying to bring how we live more in line with how we think.  This month, we’ve moved from an 1800 square feet 4br 3bath apartment into a >1000 square foot 2br apartment.  And most people think we’re crazy. But we’re really not.  Or maybe we are but it’s our kind of crazy.  Having less space means we’re... read more

Raising Media Savvy Girls #MondayBlogs

The other day, my children were watching one of the myriad of atrocious shows out there for kids.  I keep my eye on what they watch and always make sure to tell them if I think a show isn’t appropriate.  On the other hand I don’t ban shows because they will hear it at school and this way I can talk to them about it (except for SpongeBob, because it’s insipid). The other day, they were watching some show about a beauty contest and one of the boys said “When you pick the winner, give me the number of all the girls who didn’t make the cut. Cause that’s my game.” I made them turn off the television and talk to me.  They both thought I was nuts. But I asked “What kind of boy asks for the numbers of the girls who lost.  What is he really asking for?” The conversation we had was enlightening to me.  They really had no idea what might be wrong with what the boy had said.  “He wants the numbers of pretty girls.” was the best they could come up with. The idea that this boy was preying on girls who might be feeling vulnerable was so far out of their experience they took a while to understand what I meant. We talked through how the girls might be feeling just then.  What self confidence means and where it comes from and how some of those girls might mistakenly see that boy’s attention as proof that they had value even though they lost, placing importance on the affections of a boy over their own... read more