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Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.


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My last ditch effort before quitting twitter entirely

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Tried cutting back on Group/Business twitter followings, even considered opening a new twitter account and starting from scratch.  But after reading my friend Jane George’s AMAZING POST yesterday about unfollowing folks and trying to use Twitter for real I did something drastic.  I unfriended people.  Yep.  After years of building a following I went through and viscously culled. Why did I do this?  Well, because the format wasn’t working for me any more.  I tried lists to separate people out so I could read posts, I tried hootsuite and all kinds of other programs, but nothing I did made twitter useable.  I never read my stream, never posted and never connected with anyone. On April 22nd I posted: All right @j_zimms says I’m not allowed to just give up on Twitter but lately it seems to all be spam. Are any real people here? *knocking* — Pavarti K Tyler (@PavartiKTyler) April 22, 2013 People replied, but only ones I already knew weren’t spamming because no one else saw it!  Their streams were too full of spam!  I was ready to just quit long before that and it didn’t get better. For months before that my feed was filled with nothing but authors spamming about wanting me to buy their book.  So much so I couldn’t find anything worth replying to or retweeting at all.  I would scroll through pages – PAGES – of #FF and #WW and #FollowFriday and get no actual content and nothing personal until I just stopped even looking.  The format was ruined.  I hated twitter and had... read more

Spotlight and Giveaway to Celebrate Lynne Cantwell’s Release of Annealed!

Release Day Blitz for the 5th and Final Book in The Pipe Woman Chronicles by Lynne Cantwell Naomi Witherspoon lives in interesting times.  At the winter solstice, she was Seized by a Native American goddess to mediate a power-sharing agreement between all the pagan gods and goddesses and the Christian God.  Then, as her relationship with her new boyfriend Fissured, she Tapped a wellspring of strength – her Native American heritage. Now, Gravid and due any day, she must conduct the mediation of her life.  Will she succeed?  Or will it all go up in smoke? The answers to those questions, and more, can be found in Annealed, the final installment in the Pipe Woman Chronicles, an urban fantasy series by Lynne Cantwell. It began at the winter solstice And it ends Now. It’s zero hour… Naomi has just two weeks to find a new home for Joseph’s grandfather. The old Ute shaman is fighting for his life against a mysterious injection of toxin he received at the hands of the Norse Trickster god Loki. If Naomi is to defeat Loki once and for all, she must learn what it is he seeks under the old man’s wickiup.  She has just one week before she must mediate between the Earth’s pagan gods and goddesses and the Christian God. If her efforts fail, all of humankind will suffer the consequences. And her baby is due any day. In this, the fifth and final book of the Pipe Woman Chronicles, Naomi is in a race against the clock to balance the demands of her body, her family, and her friends –... read more

Review of Their Twisted Love by Amelia James

Evolved Publishing presents the 2nd book in The Twisted Mosaic series, a follow-up to the award-winning Her Twisted Pleasures. This steamy mosaic novel tells the story of the love triangle that is Talia, Will, and Alex. And oh… what a twisted triangle it is. FOR ADULTS ONLY. Alex has everything he wants. He loves the power that comes with his job, and fooling around with his boss provides the illicit kink he needs. He’s in charge and trusts no one. Will should’ve learned something from his disastrous past, but he’s distanced himself from everyone who loved him, keeping the pain in protective custody. He has no use for entanglements. Talia has a new man, safe and secure—and boring as hell. She won’t sleep with him until she knows she wants only him. But she can’t forget, or forgive, the men who indulged her wildest fantasies and violated her trust. They’re happy apart… until Alex’s case forces them back together, and Talia discovers she still craves both her former lovers. Can only one love her enough to satisfy her twisted desires and provide the stability she needs? Sometimes, the wrong reasons are the only reasons “His Twisted Choice,” the final piece of “The Twisted Mosaic,” will be available July 22, 2013. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way and the opinions here are my own. Review: Amelia James doesn’t hold back.  Every chapter in this steamy, sexy follow up to Her Twisted Pleasures is filled with deeper and deeper explorations of fantasy.  From role playing, to... read more