My favourite superhero has to be Molly Hayes; eleven year old superstrong powerhouse from the comic book series Runaways.

One of the reasons Molly works as a character is that she’s the least person you’d expect to be such a bad-ass. A tiny, cute little girl who always wears her trademark, adorable hats yet is a mutant possessing super strength making her capable of lifting over a 100 tonnes.

She’s awesome. From throwing Wolverine out of a church, kicking a skrull in the nuts and punching The Punisher in the gut, Molly has had so many amazing moments.

Despite her badass powers, strength and personality, she manages to remain somewhat naïve and childlike too, like having a crush on Wolverine or being excited about fighting a “Werewoof”. Her attitude is pretty cool too, despite being a child, she’s pretty brave and doesn’t back down from a challenge. She has a bit of a sadistic side to her too which, in other characters would seem cruel but with Molly just comes across as hilarious. Like when she claimed she’d do anything to be able to beat up a “Giraffe man” :)

In the Marvel Universe, Molly has developed quite a few close friendships which are a lot of fun to read. Especially with the other youngest member of the Runaways, Klara Prast and Chase Stein who she has a brother/sister type relationship with.

Overall, Molly is just awesome. My all time favourite Molly Hayes moment was her punching out The Punisher; purely because The Punisher is such a bad-ass in his own right and tiny Molly Hayes knocking him out with one punch to the stomach was hilarious.

Molly is a great character and I really hope she appears in more comics soon. She needs to join the X-Men at some point. She’s be a great addition to the team!