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The SandStorm Chronicles including Shadow on the Wall and Prisoners of the Wind by Pavarti K Tyler

Review of Shadow on the Wall from Independent Book Reviews

In general I never repost reviews.  I’m of the opinion that reviews should stand on their own and speak for themselves.  Posting them on my blog is kind of self serving, but you know what?  I’m too excited about this one not to do it   Independent Book Reviews is a great site that doesn’t […]

Amazon Sucks

Shadow on the Wall is no longer listed as available through Amazon.  They are pushing buyers out to third party vendors.  Because of this they will not restock Shadow.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy please get it through Barnes & Noble. The third party vendors Amazon is listing doesn’t have copies in […]

Shadow on the Wall is the Winner in the General Fiction/Novel category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

I am writing with some fabulous news! Your book has been named the Winner in the General Fiction/Novel (under 80,000 words) category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Congratulations! Your achievement will be published at along with the other Winners and Finalists in the next few weeks.  Also, we will be sending […]

Kindle Fire Winner and Guest Post – Superheroes Suck: A Lesson for Chumps in 3 Easy Points by Leah Tyler

Winners – please send me your mailing addresses (admin @ fightingmonkeypress) and I will send your gifts out right away!  The winners are: [box] Batman Swag (Socks, Magnets, Vintage Journal and Activity Book) – Candace Solooan Brazier Graphic Novel Pack (The Sandman Volume 1 by Neil Gaiman and The Shadow by Maxwell Grant – Leah […]

What makes a superhero? Is it the myth or the man?

Superheros have always existed in a microcosm where the problems of their city don’t have greater ramifications.  The Batman had Gotham, Superman had Metropolis, even Spiderman only had NY, somehow none of the bad guys ever thought to take on, I don’t know, Seattle. In Shadow on the Wall the world is bigger and it’s meaner.  Elih, Turkey (google […]

THE CROW: Superhero Badass! by Joseph Beekman

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.” ~ The Crow Why is The Crow such a bad-ass “superhero”? Well, let’s see…He has returned from the grave, literally, through the powerful spirit […]

They All Came After Superman by 86

How do you select the greatest superhero of all time?  How do you rank them?  Raw ability, super-powers and toughness come first.  Thousands of flashy names and uniforms have come and gone over the last century, so influence and staying power must be considered.  A true hero should be able to transcend the legion of […]

“What are you prepared to do?!” by Davey Cruz

Alright, so you know “With great power comes great responsibility”, “I was in the neighborhood”, “He’s just a kid, no older than my son” and you think you know Spider-Man. Well, you’re getting close, but if you really want to know what makes him special I think the line you need is from a whole […]

Does Whatever a Spider Can By Robert Chazz Chute

Before a wife, kids and responsibilities came along, I dropped $50 bucks a week on a massive comics collection in the late ’80s. I collected a little of everything. My favorites were Batman and Spider-Man, but Spider-Man was just a little bit better because Peter Parker was a young liberal, poor and, if Wikipedia is […]

Gambit by Candace Brazier

Gambit (a.k.a. Remy LeBeau) was created in 1990 for the Uncanny X-Men and is by far my favorite superhero (other than Batman, of course, but that’s a given). In the X-Men universe he’s a mutant with the ability to charge an item he touches with converted kinetic energy. Being a gambler and a thief, playing […]

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