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Giveaway and Review of Exhale:Just Breathe 2

Book 2 in the JUST BREATHE Trilogy WARNING: This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Her dreams brought them together, but reality could tear them apart… The man of Zoe Morgan’s dreams isn’t only real, he’s interested. In her. But her boss wants her too, […]

Giveaway and Review of Inhale:Just Breathe 1

Book 1 in the JUST BREATHE Trilogy WARNING: This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Strangers in reality, inseparable in dreams… After years of suffocating under her boss’s scrutiny, whale biologist Zoe Morgan finally lands a job as director of a tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. […]

Why I’m not taking reviews

My bookshelf is overflowing with awesome books.  Some of these I got from authors, some from publishers, some I bought and some I won.  I can’t wait to read them all.  So my apologies for not being able to take reviews right now, as you can see, I’m in a little over my head!  But […]

Book Review of The Darkening Dream – 5 Stars @ASGavin

The Darkening Dream is the chilling new dark fantasy novel by Andy Gavin, creator of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. Even as the modern world pushes the supernatural aside in favor of science and steel, the old ways remain. God, demon, monster, and sorcerer alike plot to regain what was theirs. 1913, Salem, Massachusetts […]

Review of Taking the Knife by Tam Linsey – FREE TODAY ON AMAZON

Even cannibals have a code of honor… The Tox is no place to walk alone. Sefe, a cannibal Healer, struggles to keep pace with his migratory tribe. His healing skills can no longer relieve his pain, and many tribe members have been encouraging him to do his duty and ‘take the Knife.’ But Sefe is […]

Review of Erotica Short WILD THUNDER with Giveaway

Title: Wild Thunder Series: In the Arms of the Law, #2.75 Author: Kacey Hammell Genre: BDSM, Contemporary Erotic Romance, Publisher: Decadent Publishing Format: Ebook Words: 5-7k Purchase: Decadent Publishing | Amazon | aRe | B&N | Book Description: On leave of absence from the police force and desperate to resolve the intense anger inside him, […]

Fan Letter Review of Vine: An Urban Legend Tour with Giveaway!

Vine: An Urban Legend by Michael Williams Genre: Mythic Fiction 192 pages Amateur theatre director Stephen Thorne plots a sensational production of a Greek tragedy in order to ruffle feathers in the small city where he lives. Accompanied by an eccentric and fly-by-night cast and crew, he prepares for opening night, unaware that as he […]

Review and Excerpt from The Vampire’s Hope

Title: The Vampire’s Hope Series: The Vampire’s Hope Book One Author: Danica Winters Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Publisher: BTGN Ebooks Words: 11k Pages: 40 Purchase: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance | kobo | Book Description: Ellie Smith, an emotionally stunted dancer, finds more than she bargains for after her human life […]

Review and Giveaway of Choices by Galia Ryan

Anna is broke. Really broke. Credit cards maxed out. Store cards, too. She can’t make her repayments and there’s nowhere to turn.  Educated, intelligent, and—until recently—upwardly mobile, Anna is forced to make a choice. Sink or swim. And swimming means finding a part-time job to complement her full-time career. One that would pay enough to […]

Here’s one for the kids! Review of Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park by Wendy Hinbest

  Title: Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park Author: Wendy Hinbest Genre: Picture Book, Children’s Book Frizzy Tizzy attempts to face her fears and begins to second guess herself, until she realizes things are not always what they seem. Disclaimer: I received a copy of Frizzy Tizzy from the author in exchange for an honest […]

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