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Two Moons of Sera by Pavarti K Tyler

Write what scares you – #SciFi #SciFiSaturday

You’ve probably heard it said before: Write What Scares You. But as much as I love Science Fiction and talk about it, I never really considered writing it.   Even Two Moons of Sera didn’t feel scary at the time.  I wrote it intending it to be a fantasy story.  It ended up more science fiction […]

Back to Basics. #SciFi and revisiting my roots. #2MOS

The past few weeks I’ve been working on re-editing Two Moons of Sera to publish, writing Moon Dust, and polishing up The Syntax of Consciousness for the AI Chronicles Anthology Series. In other words, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time working on Sci-Fi projects. The past year has been dedicated to The Sugar […]

Two Moons of Sera Omnibus Paperback Release TODAY – Let’s Celebrate! (Omnibus=all four volumes together!)

It’s finally here!  Almost 2 years after I first started writing about a hybrid girl and her exiled mother, the series is complete and there’s a paperback to prove it! And so it is time to celebrate!  I am having a giveaway (see below) and for those of you not yet reading 2MOS, I am […]

Two Moons of Sera Volume Two Released TODAY

Buy your copy now!

Two Moons of Sera, Publishing Mistakes and New Approaches

2MOS will now be available on Amazon Only Thanks to the incredible technological difficulty many of you have had with the serialised format of this novel I have divided to make some drastic changes to how it’s being released.  From now on instead of releasing sections of appx 15-20k words I will be releasing sections […]

Indie Publishing mistakes I’ve made and what to do about them – now including a poll!

I’m a big girl, and I knew jumping into the whole Indie Publishing thing I was taking a risk.  Consumed by Love has done well for what it is and Two Moons of Sera has gotten a lot of attention but not a ton of sales.  And I think I know why. Publishing in a […]

The Year Ahead

2011 was about as awesome as it could have hoped to be.  My personal tax business grew, my kids thrived, my writing took off and Two Moons of Sera hit the streets running.  Plus I’ve started working for Novel Publicity and made some really amazing writer friends who are supportive, giving and talented. So, what […]

Piece by Piece, Step by Step – Why Two Moons of Sera is a serial novel #2MOS

My novel Two Moons of Sera is being released as a serial novel.  Part I came out on November 1st and Part II is being released on Jan 1st, just in time for the New Year!  For those who bought Part I remember, you can download all of the following instalments for free.  If you […]

#SampleSunday – Two Moons of Sera Prologue

Prologue Nilafayran, slipping on the unfamiliar terrain, desperate to reach water.The rocks dug into the thin flesh of her webbed feet, cutting herskin. This place was so foreign despite being only miles from herhome. Never had she seen the sun so bright or felt the moistureevaporate directly off her skin; she was sure she would […]

Sick Monkey – Sometimes it sucks to be me

Sometimes it sucks to be me.  Ever since I was little I’ve been relatively sickly.  If I was born in an era without antibiotics I would have never made it past infancy.  As a kid, I was allergic to gnats, grapes and anything with red dye in it.  I’ve been stung by a hive of […]

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