A Month of Tiny Living #TinyHouse #CityLiving
About a month ago, I posted about moving our family of four into a small space in Baltimore.  It's taken some time to adjust, but mostly the hardest part has been forcing ourselves to finally be organized and make smarter decisions about what we really need.  More time, less stuff.  It's been a ... Read more
The real horror of Black Widow #MommyWidow
If I hear another person use the term Mommy Widow to discuss Natasha Rominov I'm going to scream. Here's the skinny kids. To be a woman is to be what you want. Wanna be a mom, awesome. Don't? I totally support that. Wanna go to the moon? Stay at home with your babies? Get a PhD? Whatever you want, ... Read more
“Religion In Fantasy Fiction & The Clockmaker God” Guest Post from Jeremy Rodden #MondayBlogs
As a student of religion (BA in Religion, 2003), I often look for the religious elements in anything I read. Even though I graduated from a Catholic university (La Salle in Philadelphia), I was fortunate that my collegiate education in religion exposed me to courses in a wide array of beliefs, ... Read more
Heaven's Vault Releases 4/28 - #Mythology #Fantasy #CHBB
HOT NEW RELEASE  Maia watched for more than a millennia, waiting for a second chance at life on Earth. A hot, unforgiving desert greets her upon arrival, but her surroundings aren't her only problem. In human form, fleeting memories of a past life haunt her. Will she be whole when she ... Read more
Anthology Opportunity for Authors - UnCommon Bodies
I'm excited to announce a new New Anthology I'm coordinating! **UnCommon Bodies** To sum up: I am seeking stories and art about people with UnCommon Bodies.  Sideshow freaks, mutant growths, amputations, genetic engineering, futanari, anything you can think of.  Stories need not be based in ... Read more
Tiny Living - Pav Style #TinyHouse #CityLiving
Two years ago, my family of four moved from a 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, cape cod house with a finished basement and a 1/3 of an acre yard next to a nature preserve to an apartment.  There were a lot of reasons we did this.  Money was definitely one, but mostly it was quality of life. What? ... Read more
Raising Media Savvy Girls #MondayBlogs
The other day, my children were watching one of the myriad of atrocious shows out there for kids.  I keep my eye on what they watch and always make sure to tell them if I think a show isn't appropriate.  On the other hand I don't ban shows because they will hear it at school and this way I can ... Read more
Rerelease of Two Moons of Sera plus Moon Dust is FREE! #SciFi #Fantasy #YoungAdult
Two Moons of Sera, the very first project I ever published, has been re-edited and republished by Evolved Publishing to amazing results. I was lucky enough to work with the most fabulous editor, Philip Lee, and I really couldn't be more thrilled to share this new edition with you. To celebrate, ... Read more
The A.I. Chronicles has LAUNCHED March 13th
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Even today, machines that mimic human thinking surround us. As the intellectual feats of computing machines grow more and more astounding, will there be a day when their apparent intelligence approaches, or even surpasses, that of human beings? And what if these ... Read more
Insane in the Membrane. 7 Tips on Staying Sane and Organized. #TheWriteLife #MondayBlogs
Managing the complete and utter insanity of the writer's life is a skill in and of itself.  How do I keep straight the number of projects I have in editing, that I'm writing, in production, plus marketing my backlist.  Because it never stops, neither can we.  Kind of like the laundry, which I'm ... Read more
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