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Romance and Erotica

Pavarti K. Tyler
USA Today Best Selling Author

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SciFi-Speculative Fiction

P.K. Tyler
Award Winning Literary Author

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Speed-dating is her hobby...
Sexual pleasure is her business...

Madame Janice Cane likes a quick fix for her sexual desires. Not interested in anything more than fulfilling her needs, she retains no schoolgirl illusions about fairytales and relationships. Men lie. Women are manipulative and deceitful. And Janice has no time for games, especially when everyone she meets has an agenda.


He protects her yet she's the only one who can save him.

A broken and desperate veteran of Afghanistan, Jackson Grady doesn't believe he can atone for his sins. For now, he does what he can to protect The Sugar House's soft-spoken but strong-willed administrative assistant, Portia. When an angry client threatens her, he's surprised and intrigued by the strength she possesses.


She makes it look easy.
She's the desire of many.
They beg for her--for mercy
It's her job, her home...

​An uncompromising Dominatrix, with erotic talents and expertise to spare, Caitrin has men and women alike falling at her feet. She's coveted and beloved at The Sugar House, but when a crisis puts her home in danger, she calls on her closest childhood friend to help.


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~ Sugary & Salt
~ Protecting Portia
~ Dual Domination
Raef's Revelation - A Short Story
~BONUS: Interview with the Author

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What's next from Pavarti K. Tyler?

Love by the Ganges
Part of the Remington Kindle Worlds

Microbioloist Saanvi Gadhavi can solve almost any biological problem, except when it comes to her own heart. She accepts a short-term consulting job in India and returns to her ancestral home. But while she's there, her grandmother has a plan to set her up with an arranged marriage. After having her heart broken so many times before, the idea doesn't seem so bad.

Drew Salisbery hates to fly. So much so he manages to make a complete fool of himself in front of the Asian beauty sitting next to him during the flight. But he promised his buddy Jack's little brother, Sage Remington, to travel all the way to India to advice on a new water filtration system in the ancient city of Varanasi, where the Ganges Rivers flows. The last thing he went looking for was love, especially not with a woman as confident and amazing as Saanvi.

The country is running out of water, and with Saanvi meeting prospective husbands, Drew may be running out of time.

Coming in March 2016