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Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.


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Tiny Living – 6 Month Experiment Results #TinyLiving

  Tyler Family’s Tiny House In April, we moved from an 1800 sq foot + 4br 3 bath apartment to a small 1000 sq foot 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in Downtown Baltimore.  This move made many a person raise their eyebrows, but there were a number of reasons to make the change. Money – we significantly changed our financial situation Living with Crazy – I have bad days and on those days, honestly, I need all the help I can get.  Sometimes that means having the kids walk the 1/2 block to the boutique grocery store. Older kids – We no longer needed to live inside the school boundaries for our kids’ school district, giving us the ability to look at a wider range of locations. A philosophy of simplicity – less clutter, less distraction, less chaos.  We made a lifestyle change in addition to a location change.  In our commitment to living more in the present and focusing on the value of our time, not just the lack of it, living smaller means living closer, living more aware, living with more conscious thought about every purchase, every piece of paper. Ecological Footprint – We don’t drive much anymore, we take public transportation.  Because we live downtown, we walk everywhere.  We are universally more active and engaged.  My husband walks to work and has been attending community meetings. Free time – without a large space to care for, maintain, or clean, we have more time for activities.  There’s been more hiking, more friends, more outings and more adventures, and more clubs in the last six months then in... read more

Why every parent should play MineCraft

My younger daughter, Bunny, has been home sick all week.  She has an ear infection that just won’t quit.  But she’s bored and tired and really really wants someone to play with. I get it, being sick sucks.  So I ask her, what do you want to play? I’ll give you 1 guess.  What does every ten year old with access to a computer or tablet or phone or anything else want to play?  That’s right – minecraft. So at first I just watched and she talked and I got a migraine.  Then she decided, maybe I should drive, that might help my head.  It did, and while the learning curve was steep for my poor brain, I eventually figured out how to keep from falling in holes. Then, she decided I should play on a different computer, logged in through her sister’s account, so we could play together.  And that’s where the fun started. We’ve spent the morning sitting on the couch digging for RedStone and building houses.  It’s ridiculous, an utterly ludicrous game, but man, does she love it.  She has been talking non-stop, laughing, explaining things to me and listening to my ideas.  In all honesty, it’s the most fun we’ve had together in a long time. Not because it’s MineCraft.  I could honestly care less about smelting iron or whether stairs or ladders are better for climbing.  But what we’re doing is working together.  She’s, for probably the first time in our relationship, the expert on something and she’s having to talk me through things without being bossy or mean.  And she is.  The importance... read more

Editors and Authors Working Together – Track Changes #amediting @PavartiKTyler & @Pikko Hash it Out

Editors and Authors Working Together by Pavarti K. Tyler and Crystal Watanabe Track Changes     Pavarti: Getting edits back is both the most exciting and most depressing point in the writing process for me. It’s the most exciting because things are moving forward, my work is closer to its awesome potential. The flip side is, of course, that now I have to face all the things that need to be fixed! At some point as I’m wading through the red littering my once pristine manuscript, I hit a wall of depression and wish someone could just deal with all of this for me. But that wish is short-lived, because as much as I love and trust my editors, this is my work. A good editor will work with the author to bring every paragraph, every sentence, even every word, to its best self. The relationship forged by working with someone on something as intimate as your art can be really intense and requires a level of trust deeper than just the casual working relationship. The groundwork of this is mutual respect. You must respect each other, but moreover, you must respect the work. My background is in theatre. My training, specifically, was in dramaturgy. I know this is a lesser known term, but dramaturgs are theorists, historians, and the literati of the theatre world. When a dramaturg works on a play with a director or playwright, their responsibility isn’t to either. It’s to the work. Perhaps because this was how I was trained from the beginning I find that while I have less ego about accepting criticism and... read more