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Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.


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I am Octo-Kraken, Hear me… wait, what sound do Octopuses make? #Tattoo #MentalHealth

When people talk about their spirit animals, they usually discuss mammals, and often time predators.  We associate ourselves with the animal characteristics we want to see in our best self.  We want to be the strong proud bear, we want to be the cunning sleek leopard, we want to be the wise ruthless owl.  Sometimes, people find out they’re a chipmunk or a dolphin or something else relatable and positive.  Rarely do you hear about someone being a skunk or a slug. So imagine my surprise when I discovered my spirit animal is an octopus. The octopus is non-mammalian, non-cuddley, and non-relatable. But strangely, that’s the point. A few years ago I read an article about Octopuses (Octopi?).  The article stated that the only reason they weren’t the dominant species on Earth was because they are not pack animals.  That the drive to come together into packs or tribes is what led to the development on language, culture, government and society.  Remove that need and you have a creature that never evolved to the same degree.  However, the innate intelligence, curiosity, and creativity of the Octopus actually outpaces that of our ancient ancestors. (I’m not a scientist and I’m paraphrasing so obviously I can’t support any of this.) Another article I wrote talked about how when/if we do find life on other planets, it’s statistically more likely that that life will be similar to a cephalopod that a primate. And another discovered that the suckers on tentacles are made out of ocular cells.  OCULAR CELLS. You see, there’s this reality of how the octopus experiences the world that is simply ALIEN.... read more

Chronicles Kindle Fire Giveaway!

The Future Chronicles are taking over the world!  And I’m psyched to be involved in a number of anthologies.  Check out the amazing books listed below and enter the giveaway to win a 6″ Kindle Paperwhite** with an entire set of seven Future Chronicles in ebook or equivalent in Gift Cards! a Rafflecopter giveaway Gotta read ’em all!   The Future Chronicles fresh voices and award-winning authors original speculative fiction short stories #1 anthology on Amazon with every release Like the storied SF collections of the past, The Future Chronicles brings you themed anthologies on the topics you love: Robots, Telepaths, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Dragons, Zombies… and more on the way. Each collection combines fresh new voices in spec fic with established, best-selling authors. Award-winning curator Samuel Peralta’s vision has created a series like no other. Scroll down to see all the Chronicles available including Future Chronicles Special Edition (only 99cents on pre-order!) and ENTER TO WIN   6″ Kindle Paperwhite** with an entire set of seven Future Chronicles in ebook **or equivalent in Gift Cards (International Winners get Gift Cards) If you’re looking for your daily dose of Pav, check out Alt.History 101 or The A.I. Chronicles and watch for The Cyborg Chronicles coming this fall! FUTURE CHRONICLES Special Edition A compendium of select previously published Chronicles titles as well as 5 new stories to whet your appetite. Foreward Hugh Howey New Stories From Susan Kaye Quinn, Moira Katson, Sam Best, and more PRE-ORDER NOW for 99cents releases 9.18 (will eventually be permafree) Authors Samuel Peralta Will Swardstrom Thomas Robins and more What if you could live forever? Even now, scientific advances have brought humans to the brink of solving life’s final conundrum. Twelve authors imagine... read more